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This preloved Yamaha is in stunning condidtion and looks new. The built in electronic tuner is a real bonus.


"The Yamaha ERG121 is firmly in the super strat mould with a basswood strat style body with deep cut-aways for easy access to the upper frets. The body is nicely contoured, as you would expect from the style of guitar, which makes the guitar comfortable to hold and play....  There is a re-assuring feel to the guitar, it is not too heavy but you know that there is sufficient weight to it which provides a re-assuring sense of quality...The 22 fret bolt on neck is made from maple and is topped with a rosewood fingerboard...In terms of electrics this is where things start to get interesting! The Yamaha ERG121 comes armed with two humbuckers and a single coil. The humbuckers are in the bridge and neck position with the single coil in the middle position. The full set of pickups options are accessed through a 5 position selector switch and there are a master volume and tone dials to give you excellent control of the sound coming out of the guitar. The combination of the humbuckers and single coil pick-ups gives this guitar real versatility. Equally at home with blues, rock or metal if you are looking for a guitar that gives you a wide tonal output then the Yamaha ERG121 has few challengers. Factor in the price and this guitar is head and shoulders above the competition!" Top-Guitars review 2014. 


New this guitar would cost £195+

Black ERG121 Yamaha Electric Guitar

SKU: 18112018-18
£125.00 Regular Price
£80.00Sale Price
  • As this product is part of our Christmas sale and so heavily discounted, it is not part of our returns and refunds policy

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