Hello! Welcome to the online home of Groupeze Music.

Go to the shop page to view some amazing bargains in our clear out!
These are all sold as seen, as we are letting them go at below cost!
But you know all our guitars were professionally set up before they went on the wall,
so you really are getting some amazing deals coming into the Christmas period!

As the phone isn't permanently manned any more, the best way now is to get in touch via our Groupeze facebook page!

We are here to offer you all the services and advice you need to fulfil your musical ambitions and dreams.

Lots of gear being cleared out from the shop!

Our tuition services will provide you with the skills.

Our recording studio will capture your imagination.

Christmas Present voucher deal!!!
Buy a voucher which allows you two hours singing time in the studio!!
Only £75.
I will mix it in my own time,
and once ready, you can collect 5 cd's!
Perfect present for the closet pop star in you!!!*

Groupeze is the one stop shop for all your musical needs!

Jam Hub rehearsal room now open!
Only £20 per session

Check out this from my old mucker, Ade at Neath Music Centre:

Jam Hub SPECIAL OFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There seems to be some dubiousness about not rehearsing without ear crunching volume!!
Any band that has any form of success in this day and age,
playing live, will be using in ear monitoring!
Even lifelong legends are!!! I saw a TV special with Neil Diamond the other day!!!!
In ears!!!!!!!!
Not convinced??? Have a free hour trial on me!!!!
Just plug in and be working on the songs in ten minutes!
No humping gear!
No hour setting up!!!
It will feel different!!!!!!
It will take some getting used to!!!
You will hear every bum note brutally!!!!!
But the point of rehearsing is TO GET RID OF BUM NOTES!

Drummers seem to be struggling the most with the idea!!!!!!


So new customers, book in and have the first hour on me!!
Not convinced!!! Walk away. Not cost you anything!!!!
Want to carry on after the hour? Then you'll have to pay me the £20.
Why so cheap? Not going to lie! Once I've got a regular bunch of bands hooked,
it's going to go up to £25, but for all the equipment I'm providing, it's still a steal!!!
But I want regular custom, so going to keep it affordable!!!!


Full disabled access, stairlift, disabled toilet facilities, air conditioning!
 Google Map link                                                                              


* customer must provide the backing tracks, or we will try to locate the backing tracks on behalf of the customer, at the customers expense.

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